Load Cell Amplifiers & Load Cell Transmitters

Load Cell Systems offers a wide selection of load cell amplifiers and load cell transmitters.  These amplifiers are typically powered from 24VDC and DIN-rail or wall mountable.  Many of these instruments offer the ability to do a theoretical calibration, by entering the load cells full scale output (mV/V).  This is a great feature when it is not possible to do an actual calibration using test weights.
Our load cell amplifier selection has  outputs ranging from analog (ex. 0-10V or 4-20mA).  The load cell transmitter has a digital ouptut (ex. RS232, RS485, USB), fieldbus and Ethernet (ex. DeviceNet or TCP/IP).
The load cell transmitter is typically used to connect a load cell system to a PLC, local industrial network, PC via serial or USB communications.  Also available Ethernet TCP/IP viewable by internet web browser on local network and worldwide web

See our guide to selecting the correct load cell transmitter.

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