TLM8 Load Cell Amplifier, Analog & Digital Outputs, Relay In & Outputs


8-Channel input load cell transmitter, din-rail mount, I/O setpoint controller, with fieldbus & ethernet options.


Polycarbonate enclosure with clear lid, 11 cable glands

Polycarbonate enclosure with keypad, 11 cable glands

Programming Cable

Connects device to the free Instrument Manager Setup Software

RS485 to USB adaptor with 6' cable


Load cell simulator to aid in setup and troubleshooting

Wall power adapter 115VAC to 24VDC 1A, 8' cable

Product price: $450.00
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Load Cell Systems offers the LAUMAS TLM8 din-rail mounted load cell amplifier / transmitter, has analog current: 0-20 A, 4-20mA (up to 400 Ω) and voltage: 0-10V, 0-5V (min 2 kΩ) outputs as well as RS485 digital output (Modbus RTU / ASCII protocol) for communications with a PLC or remote display.

8-Channel input allows the option to not use a standard load cell j-box, up to 8 load cells can be connected to the TLM8 and the amplifier automatically sums the weight values from each load cell.

Installers and scale technicians favorite feature is the diagnostics “TEST” button, which displays the percentage of load on each active load cell channel, the mV input values, and if there is an error in the wiring for any given channel.  Installation of a vessel or platform is simpler because the operator has easy access to the actual weight on each corner which makes it easier to distribute the load evenly on all load cells showing which load cells may need shimmed.


  • 12-24VDC Operational
  • Din-Rail Mounted
  • 24 Bit A/D Converter, 4,800Hz
  • Analog Output (4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V) 16 Bit Resolution
  • RS485 Modbus RTU / ASCII Protocol
  • 5 Relay Outputs
  • 3 Digital Inputs


  • IP67 Plastic Enclosure with Transparent Cover
  • IP67 Plastic Enclosure with Access to all Buttons
  • See the TLM8 Datasheet for Full List of Options

Optional Ethernet and Field Bus Communication:

  • CANopen
  • DeviceNet
  • Profibus DP
  • Modbus/TCP
  • Ethernet TCP/IP viewable by internet web browser on local network and worldwide web
  • Ethernet IP
  • Profinet IO
  • 2x PROFINET IO ports
  • 2x  POWERLINK ports
  • 2x SERCOS III ports

Additional information

TLM8 Variations


TLM8 Datasheet

TLM8 Manual

TLM8 Protocols Manual


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