TLE Load Cell Amplifier, Analog 0-10VDC or 4-20mA Output


Load cell amplifier with analog and RS485 outputs, easiest load cell transmitter to setup, calibrate, and troubleshoot.


Polycarbonate enclosure with clear lid, 6 cable glands

ATEX II 3GD (zone 2-22) version - Polycarbonate enclosure, clear lid, 6 cable glands


Load cell simulator to aid in setup and troubleshooting

Wall power adapter 115VAC to 24VDC 1A, 8' cable

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Load cell amplifier model TLE is the simplest amplifier on the market to calibrate and troubleshoot.  The display shows the load cells millivolt input and the associated analog output (0-20mA; 4-20mA; 0-10V; 0-5V; ± 10V; ± 5V) the TLE does not display a weight value.   The amplifier has four load cell inputs which can replace the need for a load cell junction box, up to four load cells can be wired to the TLE load cell amplifier in a vessel weighing application that is weighing self leveling products (no corner trim adjustments).  If a non-self leveling product is being weighed a load cell junction box with corner adjustments can still be used.
Setting up the TLE load cell amplifier is very simple, no multimeter is needed as is with most load cell amplifiers.  All the input and output values are displayed on the screen.  Connecting to a PLC using the analog output or the digital RS485 serial communications is easy with this load cell amplifier.  The amplifier / transmitter is equipped with a RS485 serial port (transmission of divisions from 0 to 200000 for values comprised between 0 and 10 mV) for connection to PC/PLC up to 32 instruments (max 99 with line repeaters) by ModBus R.T.U. protocol.  In mono-directional mode the RS485 port can be directly connected to PC’s RS232 port.
This load cell amplifier is din rail mountable, which is convenient for systems with pre-existing electrical panel enclosures.  The strain gage amplifier will snap on the din rail and take up little room.

TLE Datasheet

TLE Manual


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