Single Point Load Cells for an Amusement Attraction

Jul 17, 2022 | 0 comments

This load cell application was unique.  An amusement company contacted us to help them design an attraction for their outdoor light show.  They had platforms (now supported with the single point load cells) where a person stood and jumped up and down.  The purpose of our load cell system was that as they jump we recognized the action based on the weight reduction on the platform.  The customer used our data to trigger special effects as the person jumps.  
This is an outdoor application so we used stainless steel load cells, and the customer housed the load cell transmitter in a NEMA4 enclosure.  
Using the TLM8ETHIP load cell transmitter allowed the integration team to connect to each transmitter through EthernetIP and read the raw A/D output from each load cell channel.  They then scaled the data in a PLC where they acted on the weight data.


Products Used:

Load Cells:  PEC-500KG

Load Cell Mounts:  BLOCPEC

 Load Cell Transmitter: TLM8ETHIP EthernetIP output


Time from Order to Shipment:  5 business days


load cell system