Safe Crane Overload Protection Load Cell System

Jul 16, 2022 | 0 comments

This was an fun and interesting build.  The SAFE CRANE SYSTEM was developed for an aluminum manufacturing facility that believed the crane operators were overloading the 20+ bridge cranes in their manufacturing plant.
The SAFE CRANE SYSTEM provided overload protection, logging of alarms, and notifications sent by SMS and email to supervisors. 
The up and down hoist functions are disabled until the  operator logs in to the system via a RFID badge.  The system is connected to the factories WiFi network allowing remote monitoring of the HMI screen.  Administrator access allows adjusting timers and setpoints and setting up operators.
The steel enclosure housing a small PLC, power supply, and override switch is mounted above the operator’s booth.  Each crane has two hoists where they installed our custom made load pins in the equalizer sheaves.  
Once calibrated with know weights we were able to achieve better than a 1% accuracy with the system.


Products Used:

Load Pin Load Cells:  Custom Load Pins

Load Cell Wireless Transmitters:  T24-ACM-SA

 Wireless Receiver:  T24-GW1


Time from Order to Shipment:  9 weeks

Safe Crane Load Cells
Safe Crane System
Safe Crane Load Pins