Check Weighing Controller for Plastic Molding Facility

Jul 17, 2022 | 0 comments

We supplied 4 check weighing systems to this customer.  Each system consisted of a single point load cell 3kg capacity and the touchscreen check weigh controller.
Each molded part coming off the line has to be weighed to ensure the quality of the item.  This is a pass or fail test, the operator chooses the setpoint values for pass or fail based on the item being manufactured at the time.  The end-user uses the relay outputs from the controller to signal the passed or failed test.
The check weighing controller tracks the number of pass or fail parts during the run, giving the supervisor a quick view of the machine’s performance. 


Products Used:

Load Cell:  ALL-3kg

 Check Weigher Load Cell Controller:  CK-7


Time from Order to Shipment:  15 business days


check weigher scale