Crane Clamp-On Load Cell – Wireless Solution

Jul 16, 2022 | 0 comments

This wireless system consisted of a clamp-on load cell for a crane and wireless transmitter and receiver.  The load cell is installed on the dead-end of the cable on the crane.  The load cell receiver receives the data and outputs via RS485 Modbus RTU to the the stainless steel scoreboard. 
This customer wanted to install the scoreboard on the wall near the bridge crane.  This required wireless transmission to the scoreboard.  


Products Used:

Load Cell:  FUN-4,000 KG

Wireless Load Cell Transmitter:  TLKWF

 Load Cell Receiver:  MODWF

Scoreboard:  RIP6100IP65


Time from Order to Shipment:  4 business days


clamp on load cell wireless