Dual Load Cell Filling Station

Jul 16, 2022 | 0 comments

We were contacted by a food packaging company to help them design a dual-scale filling system.  We used stainless steel bench scales, and the touchscreen FU-7 load cell controller to manage the filling process from each scale.  Photo-eyes are used to ensure the container to be filled is in place.  The filling process took only 3 seconds, we were able to provide an accurate solution.  
The semi-auto system functions as follows:  The operator places the empty container to be filled on the scale, the photo-eye recognizes a container is in place.  The load cell controller checks to be sure the ‘TARE’ weight of the container meets user defined setpoints to be sure the correct size container is in place.  The scale controller TARES the weight reading, and opens the filling valve.  Once the product reaches a defined value the relay output to the fill valve is stopped.  The product is removed from the scale, and a new empty container is put in place to start the operation again without operator intervention. 
The filling cycle count is recorded on the touchscreen, after each shift the manager records the operators performance and resets the count. 


Products Used:

Scales:  AIN-10KG

Touchscreen Load Cell Controller: FU-7 

 Enclosure:  Custom


Time from Order to Shipment:  3 weeks


load cell filling station