Wireless Load Cell System for a Crane

Jul 16, 2022 | 0 comments

This load cell system for an overhead crane went to a crane service company in Canada.
The crane company contacted us wanting a load cell to be placed between the nut holding the crane hook and the lower block.  The CA load cell was built to order.  The wireless load cell transmitter runs on 2 D-Cell batteries with a battery life of 3 months 24/7 use.  The load cell receivers used includes one for the sending the serial weight data to the scoreboard, the other has user adjustable relay setpoints to sound an alarm when the crane is overloaded.  The massive 6″ LED crane scoreboard can be seen from several hundred feet away.


Products Used:

Load Cell: CA75/75  75,000 KG 

Load Cell Wireless Transmitter: T24-ACM-SA

 Wireless Receivers: T24-RM1, T24-SO

Crane Scoreboard: SBL-6 Large 6″ Digits


Time from Order to Shipment:  8 weeks


wireless load cell system for cranes