FCOL Stainless Steel Bending Beam Load Cell


Tank & hopper scale load cell, weighing assembly available.


Load Cell Systems model FCOL stainless steel load cell is sealed to IP68 suitable for harsh washdown applications such as found in the food and chemical industries.  The bending beam load cell is typically used with the mounting assembly for weighing vessels, tanks, and small hoppers.  Or OEM customers can design their own load cell mounting assembly for custom weighing applications.

When paired with a Load Cell Systems amplifier or digital indicator, junction box, and load cell weighing assembly you will have a complete weighing system for large platforms or to build a hopper scale.

Use with TFC-GP load cell mount to create a tank, hopper, or conveyor scale.

Additional information

Capacity KG

100 kg, 20 kg, 200 kg, 350 kg, 50 kg, 500 kg

FCOL Datasheet


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