Load Pin, Tension Link, & Clamp-On Crane / Hoist Load Cells

Load Cell Systems offers custom load pin, tension link, and wire rope / cable clamp-on load cells for crane and hoist applications. These designs can be used as a load cell pin in a shackle, a tension link load cell below the hook, or a clamp-on load cell on the dead end of the crane or hoist’s cable.  These force sensors are used to display the weight on a large scoreboard and / or used for overload protection, preventing overload or slack conditions.
Custom load pins are built to fit the customer’s requirements.  Our load cell pins are made from 17-4 stainless steel, well suited for outdoor or harsh environments.  We can add zerk fittings (for grease ports), connector or integral cable, and internal signal conditioners. Custom dual bridge load pins are available as well.