Tank Weighing Load Cell Kit V10000, V15000, V30000, V100000


For use with Load Cell Systems model CBL stainless steel load cells

Capacities from 250 kg to 100,000 kg


Load Cell Systems model V-Series load cell mounts are used with the CBL load cells to create a weighing assembly suited for tank weighing scales.  Manufactured from stainless steel and has integral jacking bolts to allow load cell replacement without the need to jack up the tank.
This load cell mount is ideal for liquid or solids blending and mixing tanks, the self aligning design creates a highly accurate vessel weighing system.

Use with the CBL stainless steel compression load cell

Additional information

Capacity KG

15,000 kg, 250 to 12,500 kg, 30,000 kg, 50,000 to 100,000 kg

V10000 Datasheet

V15000 to V100000 Datasheet


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