TD-01 Handheld Load Cell Indicator – Peak Hold – TEDS


Portable load cell datalogger / display, TEDS feature to enable using multiple load cells without the need to re-calibrate

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Top of the line handheld load cell indicator, data logging, peak hold, overload alarm, TEDS IEEE 1451.4 automatic calibration, store up to 6 load cell calibrations, and the ability to display the load cell’s readings as a waveform or bar graph.  The TD-01 portable handheld indicator is designed for use in the lab and robust enough for field use.  Connect the force transducer using the mating connector or the terminal block.

The TEDS IEEE 1451.4 feature is simply Load Cell Systems installing an EEPROM chip in the load cell connector, it stores the model number of the sensor, and calibration data.  This allows connection of any TEDS equipped load cell from Load Cell Systems to be attached to any TD-01 indicator and automatically load the load cells information and calibration settings.

Software is available at no charge which allows the stored TD-01 readings to be downloaded using the USB connector.

load cell screen


TD-01 Datasheet

TD-01 Manual


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