T24-BSD Wireless Load Cell Receiver


Wireless base station, used to view the weight, calibrate, and setup the T24-ACMx load cell wireless transmitters

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The T24-BSD wireless load cell receiver is used to setup, calibrate, and view the data received from the T24-ACMx sensor transmitters.  Using the T24 Toolkit software you can adjust the settings from all the T24 devices.  The T24 LOG100 software allows viewing and logging of up to 100 wireless sensors.


Wireless Transmitter Base Station:

  • Provides wireless data from T24 transmitter modules
  • Up to 500 m (1,600 ft) wireless range (line of sight)
  • Configures any T24 Telemetry module via USB
  • Portable device which is designed for laptops and tablets
  • Ideal for portable logging using 100 Channel logging and viewing software

T24-ACM Enclosure Comparison


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