SW Universal Tension & Compression Shear Web Load Cell


Shear web compression and tension load cells are ideal for high accuracy force measurement applications.

Cable Assembly

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10' cable assembly

15' cable assembly

25' cable assembly

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The SW series universal shear web load cell from Tovey Engineering is made in the USA and offered from Load Cell Systems.  The SW series shear web load cell are for industrial and general metrology testing uses.  This type of load cell is designed mainly for force measurement and materials testing applications. A few common uses are tensile testing stands, and automotive shock dyno machines. The shear web design incorporates moment compensation which greatly reduces the amount of error from off-axis forces.  This universal load cell has a connector to quickly connect or remove the load cell’s cable.

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1,000K lb, 100K lb, 10K lb, 1K lb, 200K lb, 25K lb, 270K lb, 2K lb, 300 lb, 300K lb, 400K lb, 500 lb, 500K lb, 50K lb, 5K lb, 600K lb, 60K lb, 750K lb

SW Series Datasheet


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