Load Cell Tester H7000 High Precision – Troubleshooting Load Cells


Troubleshoot load cells easily with this load cell tester.

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Load cell tester model H7000 is a precision instrument designed to test 4 or 6 wire strain gage load cells.  It also serves as a highly accurate mV/V load cell indicator or load cell display reading in LB, KG and other various units.  This load cell tester is a benchtop device with a tilt stand, also has an internal battery for field use by scale technicians.
The H7000 tester not only tests load cells for on-site maintenance or electrician personnel but is used by load cell manufactures in the manufacturing of strain gage load cells.

The load cell tester tests the bridge resistance and a true insulation resistance at 5,000 volts.  It displays the output of the load cell in mV/V not just millivolts like other testers.  Once the load cell is connected you have a diagnosis of the sensor in seconds.

There is a foot switch provided with the H7000 to start the testing procedure, this is ideal for high-volume load cell tests in a manufacturing environment.

For the field technicians this load cell tester is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting load cell based scales.  It quickly shows the results and helps reduce downtime in critical scales.

H7000 Manual

H7000 Communications Manual


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