CLM8 Smart Digital Load Cell Junction Box


Up to 8 load cell inputs, makes your analog load cells into a digital load cell system.  Easy setup and troubleshooting features.

Programming Cable

Connects device to the free Instrument Manager Setup Software

RS485 to USB adaptor with 6' cable


Load cell simulator to aid in setup and troubleshooting

Wall power adapter 115VAC to 24VDC 1A, 8' cable

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Load Cell Systems CLM8 digital load cell junction box creates a digital load cell system with standard strain gage load cells eliminating the added cost of digital load cells and delivering many of the same sought after features.  Connects 2-8 load cells and offers digital trimming of each cell (no trim pots to drift over time) making installation simpler and faster.

Once the system is setup and calibrated the CLM8 communicates digitally via RS232 or RS485 to the following scale indicators W100 – W200 – WDOS – WDESK-L/R – WINOX-L/R – WTAB-L/R.  Calibration can be done either the smart junction box or the attached compatible digital indicator.

The optional Ethernet TCP/IP communications allows access to the system via a web browser on a PC or smartphone.

Advantages of a Smart Digital Load Cell Junction Box

  • No trim pots that can drift over time, when cornering simply place the weight over the selected load cell and press a key
  • Lighting and electrical shock protection
  • Load distribution analysis, aids in the correct setup of the load cell system during installation
  • Can connect directly to a PC or PLC via RS232 / RS485
  • Troubleshooting is much easier with the LCD screen showing status of the weighing system

We highly recommend using the CLM8 digital load cell j-box in critical weighing applications, if there is an error with the scale it automatically displays an error on the CLM8 and the attached digital indicator so the operator knows immediately there is a problem.

See our article about the digital load cell junction box.

Additional information

CLM8 J-Box Variations

ABS Plastic Enclosure with Transparent Lid (10 cable glands) – CLM8ABS, Board Only – CLM8I, CLM8 with IP67 Polycarbonite Enclosure and Transparent Lid (10 cable glands) – CLM8CASTL8PG9, Din-Rail Mount – CLM8, Stainless Steel Enclosure (10 cable glands) – CLM8INOX

CLM8 Datasheet

CLM8 Manual


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