110RH-WLFP7 Wireless Tension Link Load Cell with Display


Wireless load cell for crane & hoist applications, tension link designed for use with Crosby shackles.


The 110RH-WLFP7 is a wireless tension link load cell and receiving indicator that comes pre-calibrated from the factory.  The system is ready to use upon receipt.  The tension link load cell is powder coated alloy steel and sealed to IP67 suitable for outdoor use.  Wireless range (no obstacles) is up to 75 meters at the highest power setting.
This system is ideal for crane & hoists or any application that a wireless load cell is needed for tension force measurement.  This style load cell is often referred to as a dynamometer.  Available capacities from 500kg to 50,000kg, this model has a safe overload capacity of 200% and an ultimate strength of 500%.

Capacity   |  Recommended Crosby Shackles

500 kg           G2130-2t
1,000 kg        G2130-2t
2,000 kg        G2130-2t
5,000 kg        G2130-6.5t
10,000 kg      G2130-12t
20,000 kg      G2130-25t
30,000 kg      G2140-30t
50,000 kg      G2140-55t

Additional information

Capacity KG

1,000 kg, 10,000 kg, 2,000 kg, 20,000 kg, 3,000 kg, 30,000 kg, 5,000 kg, 50,000 kg, 500 kg

110RH-WLFP7 Datasheet


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